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Web Ethics Solutions is your friendly U.S based website company. Get in touch with us by using the form below. Let’s work together to build you an awesome new website, just for you and only you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my website?

Until the site is paid off in full, the design and code that the website is built on remains the property of Web Ethics, however, each monthly fee paid goes towards paying off the website. Once fully paid off, the site is yours and no more monthly payments!

How long does it take to make a website?

Normally it takes 3-4 weeks to fully build your new website from scratch. This time frame is just an estimate and depends greatly on how quickly you communicate with us and get us the content we need to complete your site.

Are there any hidden fees?

We do charge a $399 setup fee to get started but that also goes towards the total cost of your website.

Almost anything you want to put on your website we can do, but there may be times when your requests are just outside the scope of the project. In those rare situations, we would review the request with you, go over alternatives, and if we do have to charge you an additional fee, it will be to cover the time cost of making the new feature.

Where is Web Ethics Solutions?

We are a Sacramento, CA-based website firm located in the heart of downtown.

What happens if I cancel before paying off my site?

Unlike most companies, if you wish to cancel, you can at any time, because we do not do contracts. When you cancel, you can either pay off the remaining balance on your website and own it or “simply walk away” owing nothing on the remaining balance*.

*The website URL, wording and logo are all your property, but the design and code will remain the property of Web Ethics Solutions.

$85 a month is expensive

On the surface, it may seem that way but think about all the money you have wasted so far on your current website that you still do not own.

within 2-3 years, you will have your website paid off and will have no more monthly payments to make.

If you stick with your current website provider, you will be making your monthly payments indefinitely for years to come and you still don’t get to own your website!

Why do I need a Website?

In this new digital age we live in, a website is as important as your business street address. This is how customers find you, compare your services to those of your competitors, and at the very least give legitimacy to your business.

Without a website, you would be operating not just behind the 8 ball, you would be outside the pool bar looking in.

How many edits do I get a month?

You get 1 hour of free edits every month, and anything after the first hour of free work is billed at a $50 an hour rate.